About Ray C. 

Ray was born and raised in the Dominican Republic.  She has not attended any art school but has been learning to paint by watching videos and reading books on the subject.

Artist Statement

My art is a tribute to the Dominican culture. The portraits I paint personify a mixture of imposed races that have become an example of cultural fusion.  I became inspired by the popular 'faceless dolls' (or 'Muñecas Sin Rostro'), a symbol of my native country. Today, the dolls are a unique souvenir that reflects the Dominican's mixture of African and European cultures as a result of colonization. That initial inspiration led to the 'faceless portraits' that I paint today which could be that of a young girl, middle aged or older women.  They could be you, me, and anyone. 
By removing some facial features, my portraits convey a lack of concern in one's looks; but I make up the lack of discernible features by adding elaborate head pieces, feminine accessories and details. I work mostly in acrylics and like to use vibrant colors that depict the energy of the Caribbean to create visual interest, excitement, and drama. I love adding some Zentangle art, flowers and circles… but that is for another time 😉